Sunday, February 26, 2012

Local HERO needs your Help!


 As a member of your community, I reach out to you and your business, in hopes that you will extend your hand to help a local hero. Vincent Cordova has been a member of the Albuquerque Fire Department for 3 years. He has helped many of our families, neighbors, and friends putting his life in danger to do so. Now Vincent needs some help of his own. He was recently diagnosed with a very rare but serious brain tumor, known medically as a "Jugular Foramen Schwannoma," which is found in only 2% of people. Vincent, being only twenty-four years old, living an active lifestyle, primarily one which is dedicated to public service, was advised by numerous neurosurgeons that the tumor needs to be removed immediately, or he faces serious health complications, and even death. Not only is the procedure a very lengthy one but it is also very costly, as you would imagine. Considering the procedure calls for an out-of-state treatment, it is also going to be very costly for him and his family to travel. Vincent will also be unable to work due to an extensive recovery process, following the procedure. I am asking for your help to raise money for Vincent, or make a donation on behalf of your business, or personally. Anything will help and will be much appreciated. After all, it is the least we can do for a young man who has played a key role in maintaining our safety and peace of mind. Please work with us, in our attempt to reduce his surgical, travel, and personal expenses, as he deals with this very unfortunate, and unexpected medical issue.
-Thank you for your support-
For any other information please contact Paige Chavez @ 505-363-8126,Vincent's father Joe @ 505-264-4319, Vincent's mother Jeanette @ 505-306-2337 or feel free to email @

I just wanted say thank you to everyone who supports me. I am very blessed to have such good friends and family! Thank u Paige Chavez for putting everything together!!! Thank u Felicia Jinzo and Leah Zehnder for all your hard work! Thank you Stephanie GoldenGirl Jaramillo and NM Fight and Dan Garcia for your support and your donations, Dan the food was amazing thank u!!! My mom and dad I couldn't ask for better parents, thank u my love for staying strong bye my side I love u baby!!!

 Anyone that would like to send anything to Vincent while he is in the hospital please wait to do so until after April 6th. Thank you.
Paige Chavez

<--- If you would like to contribute financially please click on the "DONATE BUTTON" on the left. If you would like to write a check I have an account @ Bank of America Acct. # 439004911452 make checks payable to Vincent Cordova.
Thank you and God bless!