Sunday, April 8, 2012

UPDATE on Vincent Cordova

Good afternoon brothers and sisters! Our dear brother Vince is recovering everyday little by little.Through the amazing work of Our Father, God continues to heal Vincent's body. Vince's faith has carried him through the struggles of everyday but he knows without a doubt that Our God is victorious and will shine through Vincent and continue to heal his body. Vince is so grateful for everyone's words of encouragement, prayers and thoughts. He knows that he has a support group of amazing people and it gives him motivation to keep going every day! Any posts, letters, cards or emails are read to him or he reads them himself. This is the part of the day that warms his heart and puts a smile on his face. Please continue to pray for our Brother Vincent and for a fast recovery.  God Bless everyone and thank you again. From Vincent, Sammie and his parents. We love you all!