Friday, May 11, 2012

New update 5/11/12

Hello everyone,I would like to thank you for your continous prayer and support. I am feeling better everyday, and was hoping to leave back home to Albuquerque this weekend but unfortunately I have to stay another week to undergo rigorous voice and swallowing therapy. Hopefully if all goes well I will be leaving in about 7-10 days and I am very ready to return home. Once I return I will proceed with on-going therapy at UNM hospital for 6-8 months. I still have the feeding tube in my stomach and this is how I am getting my daily nutrients. I need to increase my choleric intake but this has proven to be difficult to consume through the feeding tube 6 liquid food substitutes a day. By the way I went into this surgery in tip top shape working out regularly as a firemen should, I weighed 157 pounds, I have lost approximately 30 pounds and am struggling to gain it back. I know that it will return but it will take a while to recover and get back in shape, I have no doubt that I will get back in amazing if not better shape, but first I have to regain the ability to swallow, get my voice back, and regain my strength. I am very blessed and I am so thankful to have the support of so many people including all of my firefighter brothers throughout the nation, but most of all I thank the lord for guiding me through this process.

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